Gist: Beelalgy humiliated for posing as a police officer on Instagram

Beelalgy, a young man from Kano, who is quite popular among the Arewa youths on Twitter and Instagram for his flamboyant lifestyle, was accosted by uniformed men for posing in police uniforms and pretending to be a police officer.

Beelalgy’s posts include photos of him in uniforms. One of such posts was captioned: “So, I’m here by the name of beelalgy, representing the Nigerian police of Nigeria.

His Instagram profile also shows him wearing a police uniform. The same goes for some of the photos he shared on Twitter.

Well, his posts angered the actual uniformed men and they went after him.

Videos shared online show uniformed officers cautioning him for his behavior. They informed him that they’ve been looking for him for a while and they filmed him.

While filming him, they asked him to do frog jump and they also made him confess.

The officers then asked him to post the videos on Twitter and warned that he will be in trouble if he deletes the videos before 24 hours is up.

Beelalgy apologized to the officers and admitted to impersonation.

Arewa Twitter users have reacted to the public humiliation. Some mocked Beelalgy while others called out the uniformed officers for humiliating him. They asked the officers to direct the energy towards catching actual criminals.

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