Gist: Justice For Favor

Favor, a student of Lagos State University, was use by an ex student for ritual which as gone viral on social media and TV station. Now, information is reaching the students that the police told the parents to withdraw the case, which is injustice for the family. And the students too are standing against it.

With the support of more social media and new channels, they can bring justice to this issue.

More Details Below….

Remember this case from 2019?

Well, its the 2nd half of 2020, and the case has just been moved to another court.

This should be an open and close case. Her murderes have confessed, what then is the delay?

We haven’t forgotten, we still demand #justiceforfavour

Daley Favour Oladele was murdered in cold blood with pregnancy in 2019. Well, Justice hasn’t been served and the culprits are about to go Scot free. The case has been in court and we are using this opportunity to remind everyone concerned that we want #justiceforfavour

Remember favor dailey’s case of 2019. Justice has not been served. we seek justice for favour. How will someone have the haart to kill for money.



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